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Helping investors earn passive income through multifamily real estate syndications

About Us

BrookStreet Capital is a real estate investment firm focused on acquiring value-add multifamily properties. When you invest with us, we invest alongside you. Our focus is on you as the investor and we strive to bring you exceptional returns. You can feel confident in your investment with us because our team conducts extensive market research, conservative underwriting, asset repositioning, and asset management as well as full reporting for each property.

If you want to invest passively in real estate syndications, then you are on the right path to creating financial freedom for yourself. Your investment will bring you on going cash flow, equity, appreciation, and tax advantages.

Benefits of Multifamily Investing:

Passive Income

Our investment opportunities provide solid cash-on-cash returns for our investors. You can enjoy the benefits of owning real estate without the hassle because we take care of all aspects including acquiring a property, managing it, and improving the property.

Value Add

We focus on properties that have high value add upside through renovations and operational improvements. Since commercial properties are based on the income they produce, all improvements to the property help increase the net operating income and the property value.


When you invest with us you become a limited partner in the asset along side us (the general partners). As a limited partner, you get all the same benefits such as cash flow, appreciation, equity, and tax benefits – without the day-to-day work.

Tax Benefits

Real estate investors get a number of tax incentives including accelerated depreciation and cost segregation. As a passive investor, you’ll receive a Schedule K-1 tax form every year, which you’ll include with your tax filings.


Investing in multifamily real estate has many benefits, including a consistent stream of cash flow. When you invest with us, you will receive passive income on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the deal.

Trusted Partner

BrookStreet Capital, along with our Strategic Advisors have built a strong track record of performing multifamily units across the U.S. Our focus is to bring knowledge and expertise to every deal that you partner with us on.

Investment Criteria

Deal Size: – Up to $30 million

Asset Class: – C or B class multifamily that has value add potential, 50-200 units

Ratios and Exit Strategies: – 5 to 7 year hold period, refinance around year 2-3, IRR 16+%, Equity multiple 1.5-2+

Target Markets: – North Carolina, Georgia, Indianapolis, NW Arkansas

Upcoming Deals

Please provide your contact information to be added to our list of upcoming deals. Once we find a property and conduct an extensive market analysis along with conservative underwriting, we will contact you and share the details. You can then decide after if you want to invest along side us in the syndication and be on your way to passive income.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to get started is to fill out the form under Upcoming Deals. You will then be added to our list and receive any deals that we have coming up. You can also schedule a call by clicking on the icon below to learn more about any and all future opportunities with us.

A real estate syndication is a group investment. In our firm we invest in multifamily properties and when you partner up with us as a passive investor in one of our deals, you are joining alongside with many other investors who are doing the same thing as you. You become a limited partner in the deal meaning that you invest only your money and not your time.

BrookStreet Capital, along with our Strategic Advisors have built a strong track record of over 5,000 performing multifamily units across the U.S. With our strong and conservative underwriting team, we take into account for any downfalls in the market. We value integrity and communicate with all our investors so you have a clear understanding of what is happening with your investment. With us, you can feel confident knowing your money is in good hands and we will do everything we can to maintain your trust.

It can vary depending on the deal, but usually around $25,000-$75,000

We underwrite all of our deals to a 5 to 7 year hold period.

We recommend speaking to a licensed CPA to obtain the most accurate tax information.

As a limited partner in a real estate syndication, you’ll gain the tax benefits of property ownership, including accelerated deprecation and cost segregation since we don’t hold onto a property long term. This will help lower the taxable passive income you receive. You will also receive a Schedule K-1 tax form from us each year to include with your tax filings. This form reports your income and losses for the investment.

We understand that sometimes this may occur in the market while owning a property. We underwrite every deal very conservative, just in case of this scenario. If this happened, we would not want to sell in a down market. The goal would be to continue to pay the preferred return minimum and hold on until the market is back to a place where selling makes sense again. Normally class C or B multifamily properties tend to hold up much better in downturns because people will always need a place to live, therefore the demand for housing is very high.

Our deals are only open to accredited investors at this time. To be considered as an accredited investor, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have $1 million in net worth (excluding your primary home).
  • Have an annual income of $200,000 per year or an annual combined income of $300,000 (together with your spouse).